The Silver Dolphins Saga

Epic-Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel

The Silver Dolphins Saga is a project that began in 1996.  Over the years the story and plot shifted and grew as life happened and ideas were tested.  V. Y. Mummert had developed her own story and characters at the time as well.  We felt a connection between our characters and started to bring them together.  We discovered the best way to merge the two into one and a compelling tale was created! We knew we had something worth sharing, something that could help others as it has helped us.

The background for book one came from the path M. M. Scott’s life took.  Like Miral Akemi, it was a journey that showed her a world of fear.  From this experience and her struggle to be free from overwhelming fear, The Silver Dolphins Saga became more than just an epic fantasy story, but also a journey of emotional struggles and valuable life lessons.  No one has to suffer in the grip of fear and anxiety forever, it is our hope that The Silver Dolphins Saga will shed some light on those in despair and give the hope and strength they need to rise up, fight back, love themselves for who they are, and allow their inner light to shine!


Live your life in the light of love, for yourself first, and then for others.

The Silver Dolphins Saga and all related content © since 1996 by Michele Scott and Victoria Mummert.  Arisdale Arts.  All rights reserved. Our work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without our written permission. Our work does not belong to the public domain.

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