The Silver Dolphins Saga

Epic-Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel

One must feel fear without allowing fear to control.
— Justin Arisdale

Dejected and afraid, Miral Akemi, a human girl with an unnatural ability to use water magic, struggles to fit in a world that both fears and rejects her.  With no place being safer or more tolerant, she remains on the Island of Delphi praying for change.

Prince Justin Arisdale has everything others desire; wealth, status, and power; however, something is missing from this young Velociraptor’s life.  The burden of his born duty, the hatred between humans and his fellow elder races, and his dangerous earth magic weigh heavily on his mind. 

Life on the continent of Flourisha has been peaceful for thousands of years, despite the old wounds that humans bear from mistreatment in the past.  The gods have been silent even though prayers still resound; however, everything changed the day a prophet arrived with a dire warning for Miral.  With the rising sun of a new day, the unfathomable horrors of the prophecy descended upon the island leaving a trail of fear, distrust, and paranoia.  In her desperation to leave, she has an unexpected encounter with Prince Justin Arisdale that forever changes her life.  The fate of the world lies in the hands of the eight Elementals of Light, powerful beings who each command their own element.  A daunting task as their devious foe from the prophecy remains one step ahead of the heroes.  An adrenaline-driven, magical, romantic journey, The Silver Dolphins Saga captures the essence of what it means to live a life in the light of love.

The Silver Dolphins Saga: Of Life and Love
By Michele M Scott, Victoria Y Mummert

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