The Silver Dolphins Saga

Epic-Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel

Spoiler Warning! Image will become VISIBLE when you scroll down.


We are nearing our 3rd year of being published this October 2019! I worked for months on a single picture. Improving my art skill to do more realistic and better quality work. We will be slowly updating character images and adding more in time!  I was afraid of this picture being to much of a spoiler since we are still not that well known; however, I feel it is long overdue after 3 years.  I also took a middle ground with the image to show just enough to not be obvious and enough to satisfy all you lovely readers.  Thank you for reading and loving The Silver Dolphins Saga! We love you all!

Rhythm of Life


Art done by Michele Scott

The Silver Dolphins Saga and all related content © since 1996 by Michele Scott and Victoria Mummert.  Arisdale Arts.  All rights reserved. Our work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without our written permission. Our work does not belong to the public domain.

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