The Silver Dolphins Saga

Epic-Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel

The Diamond of Elemental Balance

The Silver Dolphins Saga (TSDS) has an intricate elemental based magic system.  This page will demonstrate how the magic system works for new visitors to the world of TSDS and a deeper explanation for the curious, and readers of the series.  Check out the spoilers gallery for deeper explanations of everything in TSDS lore.

The logo for the series is called the diamond of elemental balance.

In the world of TSDS balance is vital for the health of the planet, therefore all things must remain in balance. How that happens is through a system of checks and balances that will be talked about in greater detail in the spoilers gallery and of course from reading book 1.

There are eight beings known as the Elementals of Light. They are the only beings in the world that are permitted to wield magic. How exactly an elemental gains their powers is unknown or perhaps simply long forgotten. All the people of Flourisha know is that the powers can manifest at any point in the life time of the chosen being.

Given their unique nature the eight elementals are considered warriors of the Goddess of Light, Fandia, and her heavenly relic, the Silver Dolphins, which resides at the core of the Diamond of Elemental Balance. The sacred symbol of power has existed in their world as long as life existed, and yet remains a mystery. The elementals of light use their inner light, or their life essence to cast magic powers. They cannot create something from nothing, and the element they control must be in reach for them to wield it with their will.

Learn more about the abilities of the Elementals of Light by clicking the button below to be directed to the spoilers gallery. The information on this page is learned early in the book.

The Primary Elements

The diamond of elemental balance consists of 4 primary elements and 4 sub-elements.  Below are images that show how each of the primary elements work within the diamond of elemental balance.  Water, earth, fire, and wind are the primary elements.  They can combine with a neighboring element to form a sub-element.

The Sub-Elements

The sub-elements can be controlled on their own but may also be formed when two primary elementals combine their powers.  The sub-elements are holy, nature, lightning, and ice.  Each of these elements are classified along with their primary elements by the laws they govern.

  1. Elements of Life: When life-bearing earth and life-giving waters combine, they form holy magic, the power of healing and light. 

  2. Elements of Nature: When the earth is ravaged by fire, life is reborn and the power of nature is formed. 

  3. Elements of Chaos: When the winds are heated by fire, the chaos within the maelstrom creates the power of lightning. 

  4. Elements of Love: When wind is soothed by the cooling waters, the power of ice is created.

Domination and Weakness

The primary elements have a system of keeping each other in check.  One is dominant to another and weak to another.  This is another means of keeping balance should an element need to be dealt with.

Earth dominates water and is weak to Wind.

Water dominates fire and is weak to Earth.

Wind dominates earth and is weak to Fire.

Fire dominates wind and is weak to Water.

The last bit of the magic system I consider a spoiler since it is something learned later in book 1.  Click the button below to learn more about the diamond of elemental balance.

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